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No business is too small to make an impact, no niche too obscure for an authentic, memorable brand image to resonate emotionally with your audience. From concept to content, meaningful branding breathes life into a business and turns it from an anonymous stranger into a trusted friend people long to engage with.

Designed for small businesses

Designed specifically for small businesses

We believe in small businesses and create all our solutions in line with small-business priorities, strategies and budgets – all with an emphasis on your long-term sustainability and success.

Branding and marktig anywhere in the world

Don't let location limit you

As a 100% virtual office, we have access to the best global talent. No matter where in the world you’re located, we can work with you, giving you a level of expertise you can’t get locally.

Small business insights and consulting

Small business insights & consulting

Running a small business means having more ideas than you have the time or resources to deal with. We help clarify, shape and direct your business ideas into a clear path that always keeps you on-brand.

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"Brian – the creative force behind Mongrel – is a true star! He was able to zone in on the most important ideas in my head. It was like I did 80% of the work to express only 20% of the idea, while he did the remaining 20% of the work to add the other 80% of the idea and realize its full potential!"

– Fredrik Lyhagen

   CEO & Founder

   Mindcore Academy


Your brand is the reason people choose you. It’s your heart and soul. Your personality. Who you are as a company – even if your company is just you. Like your own voice, your brand identifies you. And like your reputation, it both follows and precedes you – and gives customers a reason to buy from you.

Get to the heart o you brand

Get to the heart of your brand

We dig deep into the heart of your brand to define its core values, focus its vision and tell its unique story in a way that connects viscerally with your audience.

Connect with your customers

Connect with your customers

We bring your brand's values, voice and story to life by creating concepts with clear, impactful messaging that customers will notice, remember and return to.

Outshine you competiton

Outshine your competition

We make sure you stand out from the crowd by standing for something that matters to your customers – so you can rise to the top of your market and make a lasting difference.


As a small business ourselves, we know what it's like to struggle to do everything yourself, to tidy up the chaos of ideas in your head, to get and keep all the pieces in place. To feel paralyzed by uncertainty and overwhelmed by trying to get it all right, all while juggling limited time and resources. That's why we're here to help.

Small business strategies
Small business budgets

We streamline your offer and develop strategies that market your business with a single purpose aimed at a precisely specified target audience within your budget.

We communicate with you directly to understand your target audience and create a sharply-focused and consistent brand that speaks emotionally to your customers.

With low overhead, an all-virtual business model and a strategic, cost-saving approach, we’re able to price our services specifically to meet small business budgets.

Small business priorities

Small business priorities

Small business strategies 

Small business budgets

P3 Logistics Parks

"Brian has an intuitive sense of how to connect with customers. He and his team helped us on a number of projects, including our extremely successful X-mas video and our website. He shaped our whole website story and content flow, advised on the structure of the user experience and delivered everything in an extremely short time."

– Hynek Bartik

   Group Marketing Manager

   P3 Logistics Parks


We start from the ground up to define, position, build and market your brand according to our specially-developed 10-step Mongrel Method. We work closely with you to dig under the surface of your business and find the rough diamond that’s the core of your brand – and then polish and cut it until it shines bright and clear through every facet.

Define your brand


Define your brand

Position your brand


Position your brand

Define vision, values, purpose, promise, emotions and perception

Create core offer – define problem it solves, how and for whom

Research target customers and create customer profiles

Define core features, direct benefits and ultimate benefits

Create unique value proposition (UVP) and unique sales proposition (USP)

Develop pricing and offer strategy

Research competition and conduct keyword analysis

Develop messaging strategy

Build your brand


Build your brand

Market your brand


Market your brand

Create website, mobile app, social media profiles and print collateral

Create visual identity, incl. logo and style guide

Create brand tagline

Define brand personality, core message and voice

Run PPC, social media and email campaigns

Create content, incl. blogs, articles, infographics, videos, webinars

Develop sales funnel, incl. lead magnets, tripwires, sales letters

Develop online and content marketing strategy

What we do
P3 Logistics Parks

"Brian's strengths are his big strategic and creative ideas, holistic perspective and customer-centric thinking, all married to a keen stylistic sense and an unfailing ability to cut to the meat of the matter. He and his Mongrel team not only built my brand from scratch and laid out an actionable marketing strategy, they were also provided invaluable help with creating, pricing and offering  my products."

– David Smith

   CEO & Founder

   Present With Power


We run a 100% virtual office and do all our communication via email, Skype and Zoom. This means we can work with you no matter where you are. It also means less time wasted in pointless meetings, minimal costs for overhead and greater work focus and efficiency. In other words – better work faster for less money! What's not to love about that?

 Brand assessment



We start by looking look at any brand material you already have, then follow-up with a detailed Skype interview to understand what your business is about and how to turn it into a meaningful brand with impact.

Systematic developmet



Next, we systematically build your brand following our 10-step Mongrel Method. What you end up is an in-depth, three-dimensional view of your brand along with a plan to strategically execute it for lasting relevance.

Strategic execution



Finally, we communicate your brand and its message to your audience using powerful creative concepts, precise executions, engaging content, targeted online campaigns and systematic customer acquisition funnels.

How we work

First, we build your brand. Then, we market it. That way we know exactly what we're marketing, to whom we're marketing, where we'll find them, how to speak to them, how to differentiate and position you, what your competition is doing, what message we want to deliver and how we want to deliver it. To do this, we split our services into two phases: BRANDING BUILDING + MARKETING EXECUTION.

Bran Build

Brand Building

This is where we take you through our specially designed 10-step MONGREL METHOD for strategically building small business brands. We'll define your brand's Core Story, Vision & Values, Core Offer and Features & Benefits that you need to communicate to your target customers through all aspects of your brand. We'll also conduct detailed Target Analysis and Competition Analysis, develop a strong Positioning Strategy, and create your UVP & USP, Brand Personality and Visual Identity, incl. logo, business cards and templates.

Brand Activation

Marketing Execution

Once your brand is fully built, we'll prepare a detailed EXECUTION STRATEGY with defined messages, clear goals and meaningful creative concepts. This will serve as the roadmap and action plan for delivering your brand and its message to your target. Based on it, we will create a Website, Content Plan and associated Content, develop, execute and  analyze Online Campaigns, create Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Sales Funnels and arrange Photo Imagery and Video Production all as determined by the agreed strategy.

What we offer

We've helped clients in the fields of air travel, retail shopping, automotive, telecommunications, photography, internet security, magazine publishing, fashion, electric motorcycles, call recording and speech analytics, lighting design, IT, real estate, banking, insurance, law, wellness, hospitality, nightlife, film & TV, gastronomy, career and life coaching, Amazon private label and more.


It wasn’t so long ago that Mongrel was just one person working out of a co-working space with a vision of helping other small businesses achieve their business goals. That vision has turned into a tight team of creative directors, strategists, copywriters and art directors with decades of experience, all dedicated to helping small businesses make their mark. And that’s made all the difference.

Brian Fleming – Cretive Director & Head of Strategy


CEO & Founder

Along with his many years as a freelance creative director and copywriter for a host of global clients, Brian has worked as a photographer and filmmaker and is a published novelist.

Stephan Delbos - Senior Copywriter



Stephan is not only an insightful corporate writer and content manager, he's also an internationally published poet and playwrite, as well as a university lecturer.


Art Director

With an inquisitive creative mind and a decade and a half of design experience working for major international brands, Stas is always looking for new ways to move design forward.

Dave Creighton - Senior Copywrite



Copywriter and internationally published journalist, David has over a decade and a half of experience covering business, art, architecture, design, travel and tourism.

Mathias Van Luchene - Strategic Analyst


Conversion Specialist

Mathias learned his prodigious skills the old-fashioned way, by years of DIY trial-and-error. He loves digging into the data to optimize creative campaigns that convert.

Dave Creighton - Senior Copywrite


What do you do?

If you have a passion for great ideas and are excited about helping startups and small businesses achieve their dreams, write us at .

Who we are
What we've done

"Brian has an automatic sense for the big picture and how the details fit – or don’t fit – within it. He sees clearly through an idea to its core expression and then focuses and executes that expression with creative thought and style."

– Stepan Klein

   CEO & Founder



Want to know more about strategic branding, brand strategies, brand positioning and everything else involved in building a powerful brand? Curious what our specially-designed 10-step Mongrel Method is all about? Our FREE 75-page guide to strategic branding for small businesses will walk you through every step of the process.

Mongrel Method 10-step guid to strategic branding for small businesses

FREE 75-page guide to strategic branding for small businesses

  • Learn why your business needs to be a brand

  • Discover what a brand strategy is and how to create one

  • Understand the difference between branding and marketing

  • Go through all 10 steps of the Mongrel Method with detailed instructions, exercises and real-world examples

  • Plus, what it means to specialize in small business branding and what to look for when working with an agency or consultant

"When I say 'branding', most people think of a logo or a famous brand name. They don’t actually fully understand what branding is, how deep it runs or how essential it is to the long-term success of even the smallest company in the most obscure niche. That's what inspired me to write this guide. I want to help small businesses understand that branding is the thing that will separate your small business from the pack and set it up for long-term success."

– Brian Fleming

   CEO & Founder of Mongrel

Brian Fleming – Cretive Director & Head of Strategy

Fill out the form on the right and we'll send you detailed info about the Mongrel Method, our 10-step strategic brand building and positioning system. This way you'll understand more about how we work.


Then we'll be in touch to speak with you directly about turning your business into a sharply-focused brand that customers will remember.

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