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Get the clarity, direction and focus you need to find your business idea and turn it into a powerful, marketable brand using our 7-step Make Your Mark strategic branding and marketing system.

Mongrel Strategic Branding & Marketing for Startups, Small Businesses & Solopreneurs
Online, offline,
public, corporate

We offer four ways to access our Mongrel coaching and Make Your Mark system based on your time, needs, location, motivation and, of course, budget. Whichever you choose, we guarantee our dedication to helping you reach your goal.

Small business insights and consulting







Access our courses and coaching at your convenience from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and dedication.

Nothing beats in-person coaching to keep you motivated, accountable and focused on achieving your goal. But you have to be in Prague.

Want to test the waters first? Our 3-hour evening workshops are a perfect way to get you started – but you have to be in Prague.




Our half- and full-day workshops are prefect for companies that want to train their marketing, branding, creative or even sales teams.

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"Brian helped me go from zero to a full-flown business within about six months. He is super easy to work with. He's a great teacher, he's full of knowledge and he listens. He doesn't just tell you what to do but teaches you how to do it and he tries to really understand where you're coming from and what you want to do, what's your business, and he helps you realize your dream. "

– David Smith

   CEO & Founder

   Present With Power

Dave Smith, Present With Power,

Dave Smith, Present With Power,

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idea to market
in 7 STEPS

Get the clarity, direction and focus you need to find your business idea and turn it into a powerful, marketable brand using our 7-step Make Your Mark strategic branding and marketing system.



Everything Starts With Your Killer Idea


Find and develop your big idea and zone in on the problem you'll solve so you can can start to carve out a unique niche of your own. 

Tools you'll use:

  • Ideal Niche Framework

  • Big Idea Locator Model 

  • Problem Solver Diagram



Give 'Em Something Great To Believe In


Use your vision, values and story to attract an avid and loyal base of customers who’ll spread your message for you. 

Tools you'll use:

  • Core Story Template 

  • Vision & Values Model 

  • Mood Boards



Make An Offer They Can't Refuse


Solve a problem and craft a compelling core offer that will attract and convert targeted customers who’re ready and eager to buy. 

Tools you'll use:

  • Problem & Solution Hierarchies 

  • Objection Minimizer Model 

  • Value Ladder 



Get Your Hook In 'Em And Keep It There


Use your features and benefits to show customers how you’ll make their lives better and trigger the impulses that will make them buy.

Tools you'll use:

  • Feature-to-Benefit Escalator 

  • Benefit Hierarchy 

  • Loss Hierarchy



Hit 'Em Right Where It Feels Good


Know and understand your customers and your competition to start driving

high-quality leads that are ready to close.

Tools you'll use:


  • Desire-Fear Framework 

  • Target Story Template 

  • Awareness Stage Ladder



Don’t Settle For Just A Slice Of The Pie


Carve out your own niche and position yourself to be the brand that people notice and choose with a singular value proposition.

Tools you'll use:

  • Positioning Maps  

  • Perceptual Mapping Model 

  • Value Formula 



Make A Killer 1st, 2nd and 3rd Impression 


Create a distinctive voice, personality and look that will turn you from an anonymous stranger into a trusted friend.

Tools you'll use:


  • Core Message Generator 

  • Brand Voice Template 

  • Color Mapping 


Dominate Your Market


Create a strategy to communicate

your message, market your brand and attract the right customers at the right time.

Tools you'll use:

  • Strategy Template 

  • Customer Acquisition Funnel 

  • Content Marketing Framework 

"Working with Brian was a big success. He helped me articulate a new marketing strategy. We worked on a new brand. We made a really, really beautiful new website. And I'm happy to say that now, after all of our work together, I'm launching some new products and looking at my business from a new perspective. I recommend Mongrel and Brian to anyone out there looking to revamp your business or come up with a new strategy.

– Steve Willis

   CEO & Founder

   Steve Willis Training