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Inspiration is overrated

If you're holding your breath for inspiration to come, you'll soon go blue in the face.

In my last post I talked about the three situations you could find yourself in when you're struggling to come up with a business idea.

Now, before we look at how to find and develop your idea, there's something really, really important I need to talk about and that's inspiration. You see, a lot of people they have this very romantic image that ideas come to you like a bolt of lightning. Or that you have this Eureka moment where you jump out of the bathtub and run down the street naked shouting, Eureka.

Now, that does happen. It probably happens a lot. I've had hundreds of those moments.I've never actually run down the street naked, but I have jumped out of the shower dripping wet and run across my apartment naked, sat down on my laptop, water just dripping from my wet hair, banging away, banging away, just trying to get my idea down.

But the reality is that when I return to that idea maybe a day or a week or a month later,most of those ideas that I had were actually kind of crap. A lot of them made me go. Hmm. What was I thinking?

But some of them, they were the spark that lit the fire, and that's the most important thing to know about those bolt of lightning moments. All they are is the spark that lights the fire. They're not the idea itself. You still need to put in the work and develop the idea. So if you've never had that moment, don't worry, you can find your idea in a systematic way.

Which is why I've created this system I've been talking about to help you find and develop that idea – or if you have had that spark, that kernel – to help you develop that idea into a viable business idea and turn it into a business hypothesis and into a clear vision and turn that vision into a marketable brand that customers will be excited to buy from.

So, if that's you, if you're either struggling to come up with an idea or, God forbid, you're waiting for inspiration – please please, please, please don't wait for inspiration, it's a waste of time. Maybe it'll hit you, maybe it won't. Most inspiration actually comes out of the work itself. The best idea comes when you start doing the work, when you start developing it, when you start living in the world that idea.

So, if that's you – or if you've had that spark already and it's been it's a good spark, it's driving you, it's lit the fire inside you – great. Fantastic. Now you need to develop that idea. So, if that's you also, like I said, I'm gonna be doing some posts coming up that I think you'll find super helpful and interesting.

Or, as I said before, please, you know, just get in touch with me. Shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to help you out.

Talk to you soon. Thanks.

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