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When you're struggling to come up with a business idea...

There are three situations you could find yourself in when you're struggling to come up with an idea for a business. I've experienced all three of them! Find out what they are, why you're struggling and what you can do about it.

Hey Brian, here how you doing today? What are we going to talk about? We're gonna talk about finding your business idea.

Now, there's three situations you could find yourself in when you're struggling to come up with an idea for your business.

The first situation is that you just kind of have this vague idea. It's kind of this misty cloud floating around your head, but you can't really pin it down. You can't get it clear in your mind, and you don't know where to start as a result.

You tell people, "God, I've got this great idea for a business," but you never take those first steps and maybe years later. You'll look back and say, "God, I wish I'd done something with that idea! It would've been such a great idea!"

Or maybe somebody else has taken that same idea and has seen huge success with it and you're like, "Oh man, I knew I could have done something with that."

So that's the first situation you could find yourself in. Now, the second situation, it's a little bit deceptive – it's actually when you have too many ideas. This is a problem because you don't settle on any one idea.

You got this idea and this idea and this idea, but you don't know where to start or you start on one idea, then you move to the next idea and then the next and the next and the next and the next and you never take any one single idea and develop it from A to B to C to D all the way to Z and turn it into an active business and a marketable brand.

And then, again, years later, you look back and you go, "God I had all these great ideas. Why didn't they just settle on one single one of them and develop it?" So that's the second situation.

Now the third situation is the most obvious and the most common and that's when you want to start a business. You've got the motivation. You've got the drive. But what you don't have is a clue.

You don't know which niche you should start your business in. You don't have your idea. And you don't know how to start it. All seems overwhelming. You feel confused.

It's totally normal. In fact, I've been in all three situations. I've had vague ideas I couldn't pin down. I've had way too many ideas that I couldn't settle on. And I've had no idea at all.

So as a result, what I did is, I created this system that I use with myself and that I use with my clients. And this system where I help you find your idea and develop it and turn your idea into a clear vision and then turn your vision into a marketable brand customers will love to engage with.

So, if that's you, if you're struggling with coming up with an idea for your business, either you can't think of an idea, you only have a vague idea or you have too many ideas, then I'm going to be doing some more posts coming up that I think you'll find super helpful.

Or just reach out to me. Shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to help you out.

Talk to you soon. Thanks.

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