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Where's your strategy?

Learn how to DEFINE, POSITION, BUILD and MARKET your startup or small business as a sharply-focused brand using the MONGREL METHOD.


The 10-step strategic brand building and positioning system for small businesses

Mongrel Strategic Branding & Marketing for Startups, Small Businesses & Solopreneurs
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The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Small Business into a Sharply-focused Brand Your Customers Will Want to Return to Again and Again

Mongrel Method 10-step guid to strategic branding for small businesses

FREE 75-page guide to strategic branding for small businesses

  • Learn why your business needs to be a brand

  • Discover what a brand strategy is and how to create one

  • Understand the difference between branding and marketing

  • Go through all 10 steps of the Mongrel Method , incl.:

    • what each step is

    • why it’s essential to building your brand

    • what it covers

    • how you’ll use it

    • detailed instructions, exercises and real-world examples

  • Learn what it means to specialize in small business branding

  • Find out what to look for when working with an agency or consultant

"When I say 'branding', most people think of a logo or a famous brand name. They don’t actually fully understand what branding is, how deep it runs or how essential it is to the long-term success of even the smallest company in the most obscure niche. That's what inspired me to write this guide. I want to help small businesses understand that branding is the thing that will separate your small business from the pack and set it up for long-term success."

– Brian Fleming

   CEO & Founder of Mongrel

Brian Fleming – Cretive Director & Head of Strategy

Strategic branding means building and positioning your small business brand in a systematic and strategic way with specific goals in mind, executing your brand according to a strategic plan designed to meet your goals and communicating your effectively and consistently to your target customers.

Designed for small businesses

Understand what your brand is about

Define what exactly your brand stands for and why people should care about it, what problem it solves for whom and how it’s different from other brands.

Branding and marktig anywhere in the world

Build your brand with directed purpose

Clarify, direct and focus your branding in the most advantageous way possible, based on your brand’s vision, value, benefits, target analysis and positioning.

Small business insights and consulting

Execute your brand for maximum effect

Create a clear, comprehensive and detailed action plan for  marketing your brand to potential customers in a way that connects with them emotionally.

Designed for small businesses

"Brian is a true star! He was able to zone in on the most important ideas in my head. It was like I did 80% of the work to express only 20% of the idea, while he did the remaining 20% of the work to add the other 80% of the idea and realize its full potential!"

Fredrik Lyhagen

CEO Mindcore

"Brian's strengths are his big strategic and creative ideas, holistic perspective and customer-centric thinking married to a keen stylistic sense and an unfailing ability to cut to the meat of the matter."

Designed for small businesses

Dave Smith

CEO Present With Power

Designed for small businesses

"Brian has an automatic sense for the big picture and how the details fit – or don’t fit – within it. He sees clearly through an idea to its core expression and then focuses and executes that expression with creative thought and style."

Stepan Klein

CEO Effento


Created by Mongrel Strategic Branding & Marketing, the MONGREL METHOD is a comprehensive 10-step system for strategically developing brands and brand activation strategies for small businesses. Each of the ten steps is designed to build on the previous steps.


By working through the steps, you'll not only build your brand and create a purposeful activation strategy, but will also gain essential clarity and insight into every aspect of your brand.


Define vision, values, purpose, promise, emotions and perception


Create core offer – define problem it solves, how and for whom


Define core features, direct benefits and ultimate benefits


Research competition and conduct keyword analysis


Research target customers and create customer profiles


Determine and develop positioning strategy


Define brand personality, core message and voice


Create unique value proposition and unique sales proposition


Create visual identity, incl. logo and style guide


Develop brand activation and execution strategy

Mongrel Method

As a strategic branding and marketing agency especially for small businesses, startups and solopreneurs, we build brands from start to finish and everything in between using our specially designed MONGREL METHOD.

Small business priorities
Small business strategies
Small business budgets
Small business strategies
Small business budgets

Small business priorities

Small business strategies 

Small business budgets

Small business priorities



Systematic development

Comprehensive analysis

It wasn’t so long ago that Mongrel was just one person working out of a co-working space with a vision of helping other small businesses bring their own unique stories to life and help them achieve their business goals.


That vision has turned into a tight team of creative directors, strategists, copywriters and art directors with decades of experience serving the marketing and advertising needs of large multi-national corporate clients.


Except, instead of serving, we decided we wanted to start helping by putting our years of experience to a more satisfying and meaningful use helping small businesses make their mark. And that’s made all the difference.

To learn more about Mongrel or to speak with someone directly about how Mongrel can help you build and market your small business brand, please visit

Get to the heart o you brand

Get to the heart of your brand

Dig deep into the heart of your brand to define its core values, focus its vision and tell its unique story in a way that connects viscerally with your audience.

Connect with your customers

Connect with your customers

Bring your brand's values, voice and story to life by creating concepts with clear, impactful messaging that customers will notice, remember and return to.

Outshine you competiton

Outshine your competition

Make sure you stand out from the crowd by standing for something that matters to your customers – so you can rise to the top of your market and make a lasting difference.

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